Prayer Request: feeling very depressed and helpless


Assalaam alaikum most honourable Shaikh Hisham Sahib, I am honoured to have met you in Mina during the hajj, and thank you profusely for having given us the opportunity. Seeing your beautiful radiance, MashAllah, really made the hajj experience even more special! Honourable Shaikh, my problem is that I am perpetually down and depressed, and life just seems too difficult for me. Minor problems seem like mountains to me , and I seem to be wandering through life lost! many people say there is some magic or some other bad effect on me , I only want to know what You say, and need your prayers! Your humble and unworthy servant, [private]. Thank You for everything

wa `alaykum salam,
You are in a good wandering insha-Allah. Persevere with patience, recite daily 100 times hasbiyAllah wa ni`ma ‘l-Wakil and ask for a radiant spiritual sun that never sets.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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