Prayer Request: For Help, Ya Shaykh


Salaam Shaykh I am in need of your du’as please. I feel Allah is upset with me. My mum is the sole earner and works part-time.I am trying to find a job where i can go Dhikr and Jum’a. It hurts me to see my mum work and I am 100% ashamed! My brother doesn’t help, that hurts. It hurts me to ask her for money or see her spending her money. I should be looking after her!

I want to get married. I read Salah after reading I see that I have drops on my underwear. I dont know if its urine or something else or from shaytan,which makes me think its not valid. It does hurt and I’m trying to be strong but feel as though I’m getting weaker and this test is tough. Please Ya Shaykh do du’a that Allah makes an opening for us and things get easier so we can be humble servants to our Lord.


Alaykum Salam,
As long as you pray on time it is OK. Do your best and Allah will send
rizq. If you made wudu and prayed then no need to repeat prayer.┬áConsider it a water remnant from istinja’.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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