Prayer Request: Help to remove black magic and jinns


Please help. A close relative of mine has been paying someone for many many years to do black magic against me and my sister and to send us jinn. Her intentions are to make us alone and never get married also she is trying to make it so that our lives, health, relationships and careers are ruined so that we will have to go live with her under her control. She has made people in our lives leave us and wishes that we are alone. After prayer I have realized that she is doing this because she wants us to not get married and she does not want us to move away. She wants us to stay with her. This is wrong on so many levels and I need strong help to fix what the black magic has taken.


Read Surat Ya Sin every day, in sha Allah harm will be deflected from you and return to its origin.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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