Prayer Request: Feel like Fuel for Jahannam


As salamu `alaykum,
Please help me. Once I was a man without any shame, without Islam in my life. I was practically a kaafir. Then I found Islam again and started bettering my life and turning away from my bad habits. I was steadfast in my salah again.

Lately I’ve been step-by-step turning back to my bad habits. I even miss prayers just out of laziness. My soul is crying and my eyes too. Please tell me what to do. I want to kill my nafs, ego. I feel like I have no good deeds and I’m just fuel for hellfire. I love Allah and his Prophet more than anything, but I’m such a sinful man. My entire heart is black because of my sins. I need help from someone. I need someone to cure me or help me cure myself. Please help me.┬áThank you


Insha Allah, Mawlana Shaykh Hisham will pray for you. Keep company of good, pious men. It is a constant struggle to triumph over badness and evilness and you are not alone in such struggles, but you shall see that the end result shall be worth all the struggling for the love of Allah and His Messenger (s.a.w.)

Abdul Shakur

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