Prayer Request: Istikhara request


After doing istikharas and knowing a guy the proper way and with families involved, I ([private] – divorced with no kids) got engaged to guy ([private] – divorced with 2 girls) and he suddenly backed out 2 weeks before marriage by email. My dad did istikhara afterwards as he knew that I liked the guy and he liked me and the families liked each other, and my dad saw Ravi and me sitting with his girls telling them that we all had to live along with each other. He has not contacted me for 5 months now. Whenever I did istikhara, I don’t get the feeling that I should of forget him and move on. I think of him day and night despite daily namaz and a lot of zikr. Can you please do istikhara if he is good for me or not?


Istikhara points to patience for a while of forty days. If nothing changes then move on.

Hajj Gibril

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