Prayer Request: Istiqaamat

Prayer Request:

assalam u alayekum Sheikh Hisham !
For quite some time I am feeling that I have been declining spiritually rather than progressing. Previously I had written you my problem about wasawis but it has not been published yet (along with many other questions, dreams and prayers of mine). Please pray for me that May Allah bless me the goodness of this world as well as of the world hereafter and that may Allah make me among those who’ll be the rewarded ones in this world and in Hashr. And that may I perfectly follow the tariqah in order to achieve Maulana Sheikh Nazim’s blessings your blessings.
Shukran ya Syyedi.


wa `alaykum salam,

It is better, both for me and for you, to see ourselves as failures and know we are unable to accomplish anything, as a weak and helpless servants. Then turn to your Lord seeking His forgiveness and support; turn to the Prophet (s) and seek his istighfar and support; turn to your Shaykh and seek his prayers and support.

Taher Siddiqui

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