Prayer Request: Job


I currently am a Nursing student, however need to continue to work full time for financial reasons. I have a couple of job offers in two completely different fields. One is from the bank that I have worked at before and have been great at it, however have gone through a lot of stress to show my credibility. The other offer is something completely different so I don’t know how it might result in. The bank is paying much more than the second offer which would help me with my financial stress. I am very double minded and I need to make a quick decision as the opportunities will not wait for me. Can you please read the dua for me and help me in making the decision with Allah s.w.t’s Will.


Make two raka`ats, connect to Prophet’s heart and medidate on Mawlana to give you support. What comes to your heart first follow.

salam `alaykum

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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