Prayer Request: Lift the hopelessness and despair


I am not a follower of Islam, but I’d kindly like to make a prayer request. Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of despair and hopelessness. Irritability has set in and anxiety has overwhelmed my life and has affected many of my personal relationships. I feel hopeless towards life, and afraid of death and the unknown. I ask if you could please pray for my faith to strengthen in my times of weakness and reassurance from God that this life is not the end, and I will continuously be with my family and that I am serving a higher purpose here right now on Earth.

Prophets are the historical guarantee of our faith in God because they all spoke the truth. Hence, researching them is a spiritual endeavor and I encourage you to read Martin Lings’ Life of Muhammad, it will uplift you. It is the habit of the material life to draw the soul down onto itself, but the real life is the life with God and all His beloveds. There is too much more than the eye can see, so believe and do not despair. Our teachers and my humble self are praying for you.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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