Prayer Request: My husband had an affair


Assalamu alaikum dear Shaykh

My husband and I [private] have just come out of not going for a divorce. He started an affair for which initially when I found out (end of last year) he wanted a divorce.
Though he stayed back, I am not sure if it’s really over. sometimes he shows love, care and concern to me and other times it’s like he stayed back to do me a favour. We have an 11yr old child.
I want to take the second chance Allah has given us, but it’s very frustrating and hard when I’m not met half way.

Please look into this and tell me what I should do.



wa `alaykum salam,

Marital piety is a greater jihad for women but their reward is also greater so take heart from our Prophet’s (upon him blessings and peace) golden advice to women and be aware of the tricks of Shaytan who tries to rob you of that treasure. Give your husband leeway and leniency for Allah’s sake and his love for you will be strengthened insha-Allah. Recite Ya Wadud 100 times to that intention after every salat.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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