Prayer Request: Please can u do isthakara for me


Assalam alaykum, met this guy and he says he likes me but I am a lot older than him. Can you check and see if i should respond to him or not. His name is [private] and my name is [private]. Because I am Syed I am now 34 and still single because family want me to marry only syed, but what can I do if can’t find any syed? I’m a bit confused because I don’t know this [private] well, but have been texting him now and then. Please can you guide inshaallah. I await your reply. Thank you


Walaikumas Salam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,
Insha-Allah the age is not an issue. The issue is do you or your family know him and his family. It is very important. You should see if he is well-mannered, not getting angry quickly, speaks softly, cares about halal and haram, has religious sentiment, not against Miladun Nabi Shareef, does not drink and womanize, keeps his words, have immense respect for the Holy Prophet (sallal lahu alay his-salam) and His Holy Family, Holy Sahabas and the Awliya-Allah. These are important and signs of being Syeds. Some people are Syeds, but their name does not reflect. So look for the character and ask your family that you are interested and they should investigate the background of the man. To have “Syed” in the name is not required by any measure for marriage.

Tell your family nicely that if Syeds only married Syeds, then it would not have spread. Syeds married non-Syeds and that is how so many Syeds have come.

Perform Salatul Istikhara.

Syed Shahzaman

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