Prayer Request: Protection from practitioners of black magic


My husband is a great believer in sheikh Nazam and has visited them numerous times and I believe that I was saved from a evil man and force through the grace of god and the help of sheikh Nazam’s taweez which I wear around my neck.

Through my stupidity I went to sisters home and a man was reading the Qur’an on people and checking if they are possessed or have magic done on them I stupidly put myself in front of him and I was possessed by something I was paralyzed and my body was out of control he said I have jinn in me and wanted to cure me my husband was called in front of him I was strangled my body was out of control but I knew what happening I recited all I know and he told them to take off my taweez I wouldn’t allow it he put me through torture for hours but I recited the Kalimah then he gave up saying he cannot cure.

Its been two days since I’m scared and feel stupid but also don’t know if it was real or witchcraft please help me.


Danger has passed but protect your spiritual space from jealously by avoiding dubious persons, gatherings and places. Wear Mawlana’s taweez and read daily wazifa. In sha Allah such attacks will not reoccur.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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