Prayer Request: Refugees


I am seeking help from UNRWA or UNHCR which I believe is impossible to be done.

Here is the question; what is UNRWA? And how they put the “refugees” at risk instead of helping them? What is UNRWA policies? How the United Nations help the criminals to kill my family.

Before we go any further about my family who are are under immediate danger in Syria, I would like to explain briefly my situation. I have been in contact with so many human rights organisations, all of them cannot help , the only organization that can help my family is the United Nations in general, UNRWA or UNHCR. I have been in contact with all of them since September last year and none of them want to help they just ignore me and my family’s situation. In July 2012 I applied for special humanitarian visas for my family to come live with me here in the most beautiful country in the world Australia. In January I received a negative decision from the embassy in Amman, Jordan who were processing their applications. Apparently to meet the criteria for entry in Australia you need to be referred directly to immigration by UNHCR and show that you are suffering as a result of your situation. Although I explained through many many emails that “Palestinian refugees” do not fall under UNHCR’s mandate but under UNWRA’s. So I have explained in detail to UNWRA that this is the requirement and what I need. UNWRA is aware of my family’s situation and how bad it is and according to UNHCR my family is in such extreme circumstances that if they were within UNHCR’s mandate they would refer them without hesitation. My family’s human rights are being violated and the human rights organization that is meant to be looking after them cannot help?

I have been told many times by individuals working at UNWRA that “we can help” and then when I follow up they are no where to be found. Therefore I went back and contacted UNHCR hoping that they might have a bit of compassion and feel sorry for my family I told my father and mother to go ask for help from UNHCR office in Damascus, Syria and when my family went there the UNHCR staff treated them like they were lepers. Is this not an organization looking after the rights of refugees? And this is how they treat them when they come for help!

My family have no food and no money to buy food even if they want, they have no home, no work to go to and my sister has lost her mind . My Father has been hurt when a bomb has gone off close to them, trying to defend the little area of home he and my family were taking shelter in. My father was also detained by forces for a few days when my family did try to escape the camp to seek refuge in Lebanon. Obviously due to that they were unable to leave. Jordan is not accepting Palestinian refugees in the Syrian refugee camps they have in place as they don’t want to be “stuck” with a large majority of Palestinians so where can they go?

I am their only son outside of Syria, their only means of help to get out!! Can you imagine how that feels to tell your mother and father “I’m sorry I can’t help because the United Nations Organizations (UNWRA, UNHCR) refuse to help?


In-sha-Allah Shaykh Hisham Kabbani is praying for your family.

Seek the Help of Allah, by reciting hasbunallah wa ni’ama ‘l-wakeel 100x daily until their situation is relieved, for Allah Alone is Ghiyath al-mustigheetheen, Amaan al-khaifeen, Raja as-saaileen.

As you know first-hand, the Muslim nations with power and wealth to do so, have never put together a United Nations of Islam, or Muslim Refugee Committee or anything of the sort. Thus in these Last Days, the Muslims are under dhill, disgrace, under the thumb of the oppressors. May Allah save your family and grant them ease.

Taher Siddiqui

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