Prayer Request: Request for prayer


AslamuAlaikum, Ya Shaikh, please pray for me. I am in great troubles. Since many past years something which I cant understand what is perhaps a jin bothers me in my dreams. While I am sleeping horrible things come in my dreams. Even when I close my eyes something touches my hand or foot, sometimes that thing tortures me during my sleep and a jin comes in my dreams and says that you are only mine and I would never let you marry someone. I have done a lot of wazifas but no way. I love someone and had engagement too, but there were a lot of troubles and I could not marry him. I still love him and want to marry but there are so much misunderstandings between our families. I wish and pray all troubles and suffering to be end. Please pray for me.


`Alaykum Salam,
Make wudu‘ before sleep and recite Salawat x10 then “La ilaha illallah” until you fall asleep for 40 days.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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