Prayer Request: Separation and threatened Talak



Please keep identities hidden.

I humbly request Respected Sheikh Nazim & Sheikh Hisham for Dua. My name is [private], my mum is [private], my husband is [private] and his mum is [private]. He has returned from South Africa to Pakistan. He has residence paper issues here, but said he was sorting it out, he had to go to Pakistan to sort papers out. He promised me he would return, he left 3 months ago & now says that he does not want me. I am 6 months pregnant with first child, bearing expenses of our apartment etc. We had normal marriage issues, but nothing drastic to break marriage. Respected Sheikh here says he is disturbed, we don’t know what is troubling him, he could just phone and talak in his state.

Please make dua that our nikkah and family is saved if it is for our best interest and that he changes attitude, having love, respect and responsibility towards me and baby Insha Allah. Jazak-Allah


Alaykum Salam,
Have patience and strength, in sha Allah it will get better. Recite daily Hasbiya Allah, Rabbiya Allah x1000.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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