Prayer Request: Special Dua


I’m 35 yrs old and since 1992 whatever I do, I fail. In 2002 I had a road accident and since then I’m physically disabled. Now I am trying to move to UK but every time I apply for visa, I get rejection. Since I am jobless for many years I have left with no more savings. All that I had, I invested for getting the visa. I received my last rejection letter on 17th July 2011 and I am applying for judicial review. Kindly make dua for me that I get my visa this time, as I have left with nothing in hand and under current circumstances I won’t be able to apply.


wa `alaykum salam,

InshaAllah, our Shuyukhs will pray for you. Recite Ya Fattaah 100 times, HasbunAllah wa Ni`ma ‘l-Wakil 100 times daily.

Abdul Shakur

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