Prayer Request: Spontaneous Chronic Hives


For 11 years I have had Spontaneous Chronic Hives. Condition occurs to me in my current geographic location. Incredibly painful, impairs breathing as well as body’s sweat function, increases core temperature to unbearable levels, constantly being tasered and placed in an oven is the feeling.

Lately, started reciting/hearing ‘hizb bahr‘ after fajr. Then took baya to Sh. Nazim and now perform daily awrad for beginner. Only recently have doctors found something that can suppress (not cure) the immune system response. So this is a good start, bringing me huge relief.

All these years, the health issue has forced me to follow dispensations of the law to survive day-to-day, and constantly ask for forgiveness for not worshiping beyond the fard (too painful with the condition). Would like to request a prayer to help with resolution of my condition and help fulfil my religious and life obligations with ease.


Recite Dala’il al Khayrat through the week and give sadaqa daily to your intention, even small.

You are not remiss in anything. Your sabr with Allah’s Qadar is worthier than all your voluntary prayers.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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