Prayer Request: To be a shaheed


Assalam O Alaykum

I feel I don’t deserve to be asking this to Qutb-al-Mutassarif. I want to request a prayer. Please pray for me that I leave this world as a shaheed. I want to leave this world in a state that Allah (s.w.t) is happy with me. Please pray for me that Allah grant me to see and be with Sayyidina Mahdi a.s. This is the biggest wish of my life.
I want to always be at the feet of Sultan-ul-Awliya and Qutb-ul-Mutassarif here and hereafter. I testify that I am happy with Allah(s.w.t). I am nothing and I have nothing but Love of Sultan-ul-Awliya (q).

I am not worthy of asking this but please my beloved Shaykh if I have any spiritual name I would be very happy to know. Please send your spiritual support to your weakest murid. O my Master, Help me. I ask forgiveness.


wa `alaykum salam,

I will pray for you and may you live a long life to see Mahdi (as).

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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