Prayer Request: Troubled marriage/husband problems



I request your duas for my marriage. He has forgotten most of Quran hifz. The root cause of problems is my husband’s rude behavior. He takes offence at absolutely nothing but is extremely insensitive towards others. He breaks people’s heart. His rude behavior is cutting all my social contacts. My family avoids me because they don’t want to cause trouble in my marriage. He treats his family and even his sisters-in-laws’ with utmost respect. It’s heartbreaking knowing he doesn’t do that for me. I endure the difficulties with sabr, but if he continues, it will have a very negative effect on my daughter and child-to-be. I pray that Allah makes him his wali. Please ya Shaikh Nazim and Shaikh Hisham, advise me and on this blessed Lailatul Miraj, do dua for my marriage.



Mawlana will pray for you in sha Allah. Allah will benefit you and your family through your patience and perseverance. Speak with your husband when you have a chance to let him know of your state, of which he may be unaware.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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