Prayer Request: Son still beats me!


Salamu alaykum ya shaykh Hisham,
Urgent! I am in urgent need of dua. I post many requests about my disobeying son who is a teenager . Every day we fight, but today it become worse. He beat me for the 4th time now and I called the police this time because he broke my finger this time. I can not handle this anymore. He breaks everything in the house. Nobody can handle his anger, illa Allah. I ask you very humble ya shaykh Hisham, I need your dua please urgently. Ask Allah swt that my son never beat me again. I forgave him many times but now I leave it to Allah (all the posts of disobeying son is mine and I am very ashamed). May Allah send you shaykh Hisham and shaykh Nazim to me, Ya Rabb. Ameen


`Alaykum Salam,
Mawlana Shaykh Hisham is praying for you. Recite “Hasbiya Allah Rabbiya Allah” x1000 daily. Either remarry for your own sake or expel him, because curses are coming down on him like rain and you cannot do anything until he comes back to his senses.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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