Prayer Request: To Marry the guy I love


I love a guy named [private]. We were in relation for 8 years. His family members know me & also likes me. But for 7-8 months he ignored me & disagree to marry me. He involves with other girls & told does not love me. I tried hard to getting him back but nothing does work over him. We still contact with each other. I tried to forget him but i can’t. I love him a lot & really want to marry him. I passes a very depressed & painful time & felling helpless.I ask Allah to forgive me & also make dua to getting him back.┬áSo please, i sincerely request you to give me some dua through which i will getting him back & he will love me again & agree to marry me.┬áPlease forgive me if i do any mistake. Please pray for me.




There is a similar situation that we addressed before. Refer to the
advise in this posting.

Abdul Shakur

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