Prayer Request: Working mom would like to make doa to be able to work from home


I am a working mom of 4. My husband is not able to sustain us on his own. My brother in law dreamed of Sheikh Nazim pointing to my daughters heart and being worried about her. I know that I am not there enough for my children and I am not building myself spiritually. feel overwhelmed with work, being up with baby during the night I am exhausted all the time. I am not there to create the strongly spiritual home or set the example I should. My husband is always wrapped up in work becoming neglectful to Allah. Please make doa for our advancement in spiritual matters with our Creator and sufficient provisions in our financial state and the safety of our children. I sincerely wish to be working from home, to make my solaah on time and to be around my children. Shukran.


wa `alaykum salam,

May Allah help you, accept your prayers, and give you Barakah in your raising your children and blessing in you provisions. May Allah send good income to your husband so you are able to stay at home with your kids.May Allah protect all of you.

Hajjah Naziha

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