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Would you please recommend some English Quran translations. There are many out there which are very divisive ie from different groups/opinions.

I understand that nothing can replace the Arabic Quran – however being non arab speaker is it better – more rewarding to read Quran just parrot fashion in Arabic or to understand learn and implement it ie a translation

and would reading translation suffice for reading one Juz a day. I can read the Arabic in urdu style but with no understanding.

Jazaak Allah


Alaykum salam,
Point is not to read one juz‘ a day or understand the language. Hasan Basri ra said most qaris are missing Divine approval. Point is to reflect with longing and love on one word or Aya, one meaning of Qur’an at a time and let it change your life. To do this you need suhba and “be with the truthful” – with means suhba, there is no way around that Divine order. At that time in sha Allah the meanings of Qur’an will be more visible to you through the words of Awliya.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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