Dunya Dreams


Selamun Alaikum,

Do you know a dua to get rid of monetary debts in this world?

I realize that debt is a test OR it is just the result of stupid decisions one makes in his life, like going to an expensive school, getting a divorce and paying the lawyer, or buying a bigger house than one can pay, or medical bills, etc.   Is there a dua against personal
monetary debt and paying  personal monetary debts?

May Allah’s Beloved Nour be and shine on you and your family.


`Alaykum Salam,

“Whoever recites ‘Subhan Allah wa bi hamdihi, subhan Allah al’azheem, astaghfirullah‘ 100 times every day, dunya will submit to him whether it likes it or not.” (Tabarani)

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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