My heart is broken because I am having a difficult time dealing with someones betrayal someone I thought of as a friend. This is such a betrayal that it could possibly ruin my business it certainly has changed how I feel about the person, he is someone who many people think is someone they can trust. My heart has become heavy,it has also become dark towards the person. I have noticed that he cannot give me eye contact and i believe he has stolen my business paperwork I had at a board meeting he was present at. My heart is heavy and I cry because of it please help me to get this darkness off my heart regarding this person is there a diker I can do to help me get this darkness away from me? Should I confront the person or just let Allah handle it?


Treat it like a sickness willed by Allah Most High. Turn to Him completely with sabrun jameel – handsome patience – and He will compensate you with solace, reward and justice here and hereafter.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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