Can saints get wilaya without Prophet (s)


Salaam alaykum..
1. I wanted to know if it is possible to become a wali and ‘skip’ out the Prophet alayhi salaato wa salaam

2. Is it possible for someone to become a wali WITHOUT the permission of the Holy Prophet salallahualayhiwasalam

3. And is it possible for someone to become a wali without the Holy Prophet alayhisalaato wasalaam knowing?
Because I was reading this: and I became a bit confused on some parts such as: ”I do not care for the month of the Prophet (s)’, and ‘ .’ The Prophet (s) answered, ‘O Abu Bakr (s), I am even more surprised than you. I am waiting for Gabriel (s) to come and inform me of what has happened.” and ‘The Prophet (s) asked her, ‘What kind of seclusion did he do?”
Jazakallah Khayr

wa `alaykum salam,
As mentioned in another recent reply, without the second half of shahada one’s religion is incomplete therefore no, it is not possible to “become a wali and ‘skip’ out the Prophet alayhi salaato wa salaam.” How on earth can he be ‘skipped’ when all existence would not exist were it not for his sake? Likewise, no for the second and third questions, since their scenario is also contradicted by too much evidence, notably the following two hadiths:

“Allah Most High is the giver and I am the distributor;”


“The Prophet was among us [speaking]. For each prayer, he came down [from the minbar], prayed, and returned to his place. He told us about all that would take place from that very moment until the Rising of the Hour. There is no leader of one hundred people or more, whether misguided or guided, except the Messenger of Allah named him for us. Whoever remembers, remembers, and whoever forgot, forgot.”

Whatever else one might suppose, it may be because the Prophet (upon him blessings and peace) always spoke of himself in humble terms, unless ordered to disclose something of his own station, such as in the hadith “I am the master of all human beings beginning with Adam and whoever comes after him” — yet even then he added: “and I do not say this to boast” (wa-la fakhr).

Whatever the case, we should also say: Allah knows best and His Prophet knows best.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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