Confused about Sufism


Salamu alaykum,

I found many shortcuts in this tariqa. Especially about the 40 chains of shuyughs. My guide is prophet mohammed salla lahu alayhi wa sallem, but I can’t follow what he did not ordered us to do like that grave stuff and amulet stuff, and bayah stuff. I  studied the origins of the Sufism and the history of Sufi whirling and dancing. In the mosques women are chanting with microphone next to men. Prophet told us woman not to raise their voices and still Sufi women sing with microphone in mosque. This is bid`ah in the Sufi sector. I took ba`ah from shaykh Nazim online, and I hope really I  don’t made some shirk by doing that. I  read many books about shirks in Sufism and that’s why I trust my soul only to Allah and if I ask, I ask only Allah not human being. This is what Prophet told us to dua. alaykum salam.



Unfortunately, we no longer respond to ill-mannered questioning due to ignorance and arrogance. All those concerns have been addressed in many Suhbah and articles by our Shuyukh. Hopefully the questioner learns more and seeks to understand before judging anything, lest all those accusations are thrown back at him/her.

wa minAllahi t-Tawfiq

Abdul Shakur

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