Disrespectful Murid


As-Salamu alaykum wa Rahmatu l-lahi ta’ala wa Barakatuh Shaykh.

There is a bit of a problem here with 2 murids. There was an incident where the younger murid insults and talks badly to the older murid especially in public. The younger murid did apologize for his bad adab, but now doesn’t decided to not speak to the other murid. He disregards the older murid and does not even respond or communicate with him at all. The older murid is hurt by this as he is trying all means to keep the association of brotherhood but to no avail. We all have spoken to the younger murid, but he still does not listen.

When another murid spoke to him he simply stated that he is trying to watch his speech and speak less…when he is around others, he is his normal self, but around that older murid, he withdraws himself and his entire character changes as if he has two personalities. The older murid is quite disturbed and hurt by this treatment and on many occasions tried to reach out to him and mend things…



Alaykum Salam,

Those situations are in life and in all tariqas. Tests are inevitable. Do you not see our betters face much greater tests from their younger brothers day in and day out? Bear in good cheer and ask sustenance from Allah on your ladder to a better state in sha Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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