20 years with no spiritual progress


I’ve done dhikr & salawāt for past 15-20 years but nothing works for me; I don’t see answers of dua, effects of dhikrs, prayers, dreams, anything. Things seem worse, materially/spiritually/character/emotionally/mentally. I don’t understand.


إن المؤمنَ لَيُدْرِكُ بحُسْنِ خُلُقِه درجةَ الصائمِ القائمِ.

Our mother Sayyida Ai`sha (r) relate that the Holy Prophet of Allah (s) said:

Truly the mu’min will attain through his/her excellent character what those attain who stand all night in prayer and fast their days. (Abu Dawud)

Focus on following this hadith and see quick and blessed results insha-Allah.

Taher Siddiqui

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