Plz I am really really confused, I really need help. Should I change my shaykh??


Ya sayyidi please help, can please Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani answer this.

I’ve been reading this website since 2013 and one thing I noticed is that marriage is very very important. It saves you from a lot of things. I also read here that there is no spiritually whatsoever without marriage. I have been trying to get married since 2015 but my shaykh has been saying to not get married.


If you’re doubting your Shaykh so much, you have a problem of faith, especially after the signs in your dreams. When the Shaykh directs you to spend money it is beneficial to the mureed. When he directs the mureed to wait for marriage, he waits.

Aziz Hussein

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