Pray for me Ya Seyidi Sheykh Hisham

Prayer Request:


I feel like im being bombarded with satanic and evil inspiration, I keep trying to walk a good path, pray and the more I try the harder it gets and I fall back into sin. I feel like im not worth existing, im a weak servant, Madad Sheikh.



You must know and have confidence that there are more angels in creation than shayateen, and more Spirit angels the angels. And also know that the awliyaAllah are abundant of different levels of Power from Allah, the company of the righteous, shuhadah, siddiqin-truthful and nabiyyin prophets peace be upon them are on your side and these great and souls and Angels are a drop in the Ocean of RasulAllah! So make your heart happy that you in their presence day and night!

Madad Al Haqq is also with you to connect you to these realities!!

Wa Allahu Alam,

Kamau Ayubbi

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