Flashes of Light


Asalam Alaikum

2 yrs ago i spent itikaf, I was alone in the masjid and while i was reading the Qur’an i saw a light moving around on the masjid floor (it seemed as if some one had a torch light moving it around) I recited Istigfar and it stopped.

A few days after i was reciting quran again after asr time and I saw flashes white light coming in to the masjid.

Last Year I spent Itikaf again in that masjid and i was reciting from Dalail ul Khayrat and white light was coming out of the letters it self,
I recited istigfar again and it stopped .

Could you please give some advice on what it could be or what it could mean.



Alaykum salam,
These may be glimpses of the light of the letters and words you are reciting, or from angels that are connected to those recitations as narrated in one of the hadiths on the chapter of the miraculous merits of the Qur’an.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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