Adab, Permission to Travel


Asalkium dear eshaykh staff may ALLAH shower you all with on going mercy inshALLAH.

About a month ago I became the mureed of sheik Nazim may ALLAH give him ongoing happiness in this life and the hereafter inshALLAH.

I don’t understand the whole aspect of asking permission to travel,could you please explain it to me further.I want to go back home to Australia,I left my job,and everything to come to Denmark to stay with my husband .I am not getting residency here and I don’t want to live here,but my father in law is always getting involved,I told him I was only coming for one year and he tried to make me stay here for four years,it really upsets me, all I am doing is staying at home everyday. It gets really stressing.Do I have permission to go back home to start my life InshALLAH with my husband.

Walkium salam


Alaykum Salam,
Permission is a consultation which allows the murid to check whether one’s spiritual and material sustenance will be facilitated by the move or, on the contrary, hampered. In your case it is best to be at your husband’s side whether in Denmark or Australia.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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