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Assalamu Alaykum

Dua al Mathourah when it says wa bi haqqi Daniyal wa karamatih isnt’t it supposed to be wa bi haqqi Daniyal wa mojizati as I heard when saints do miracles it’s karamah but for prophets it is mujizah.

Wassalam Alaykum


Waalaykumussalam warahmatullah,

Linguistically Karama means excellence and abundant generosity and is the generic term common to Anbiya and Awliya and the larger set, of which the subset is Mu`jiza which is specific and exclusive to Anbiya‘. So it is allowed to speak of a Prophet’s Mu`jiza as a Karama as well.

We also know the rule that every Wali’s Karama is counted as a Mu`jiza for the Prophet to whose Ummah that Wali belongs. So it might be that for a while, or even up until our time (Allah knows best), there were Awliya that were followers of the Prophet Danyal and whose karamas (miraculous gifts) are counted as his.

In relation to the life and character of Danyal as described in Tha`labi’s Qasas al-Anbiya‘, he was famed for excellent character, immense kindness and knowledge which are all attributes denoting the linguistic senses of karama first mentioned above.

The phrase itself comes from a long duaa which is known in the Sunni world as “Du`aa `Ukasha” and in the Shi`i world as the Sahifa Sajjadiyya attributed to `Ali Zayn al-`Abidin, Allah be well-pleased with them, which has received many commentaries.

Hajj Gibril

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