Heartbroken mureed


السلام عليكم i hope u are in best of health, recently i took bayah with Shaykh Mehmet may Allah tala bless them, after they visited uk, me and my family went to visit them and they didn’t come across hospitable, we left heartbroken, what could this mean?


عليكم السلام

Murids are tested and Shaykhs are tested also, as we have heard from Mawlana so many times. We are works in progress until our last breath. This is the short answer.

Search your soul and ask forgiveness. “Istighfar in the last part of night” (Al `Imran 3:17) “is because Divine forgiveness is the greatest of all quests, and even the sum total of all quests” (Baydawi). “Ours is not a dergah of despair. Come back and come again” (Rumi).

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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