Heart beating and Tears drops


Assalamualaikum Syeich Hisyam Kabani
1/ Why i mostly get suddenly heart beating and feels like thousand tons of electricity entering into my body and unstoppable tear drops/cry while ziarah/visiting Awliyallah’s tomb?
2/ The same also happening while i’m praying, driving or even in front of computer just seeing or some suddenly incoming imagination figure of syeich Nazeem, syeich abdullah faiz face? This is my real condition while i’m writing this question to you right now.. it’s unpredictable moment when it’s coming to me,can not see any time or even place,day or night,and where’s ever i’m stand or sleep…sometimes my heart like communicate with them
3/ Is it normal? what kind of condition is it?
4/ If this is a good condition then i would seek your Doa for me to keep it this way …

Thanks for your prompt advise


Alaykum salam,
It is a good condition reflecting softness and nearness. But focus on the heart rather than external reactions.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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