Hizb Recitation Reactions



I started reciting Hizbul-Bahr after Fajr, this started noises like pebbles hitting on the walls, ceiling especially in the room where I recite it. Me and my wife started having nightmares being attacked by Satans, we most of the time tend to recite LaHawla or Ayatul-Kursi in the dream. After wearing Naqshbandi taweez and put up big prints all over the house, it subsided but is getting very irritating again after I started reciting Hizbul Wiqaya after Maghrib.We hear noise of Window glass cracking in the room where we sleep and I see nightmares of Satans/Evil Jinn attacking me within 3-4 miles of where I live. Sometimes while going for Isha, I play the Hizbs in the car. Again, to clarify it is only me reciting Hizbul Bahr,Yaseen, 3Quals3x, Bashairul-Khairat after Fajr, and Hizbul Wiqaya after Maghrib and Bashairul-Kairat after Isha and Ayatul-Kursi, 3 Quals 3x before sleeping. Also recite Ayatul-Kursi after every fardh.Please advise.


Continue, they are more irritated and much weaker than you. All this shows it is working so you must keep reading with strict regularity and you’ll be fine in sha Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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