How To Love Others


Salaam Awliyahs, Moulanas, Shaykhs, Ulama’s,
Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad.
1. I am having the difficulty to forgive others, look up on them, and praise them on their good deeds.
2. And I freely point out others’ flaws and faults.
3. Often, I ignore other’s presence due to my intolerance.
4. I am only able to respect and be compassionate to a few people.
5. Moulanas and Shayks have always remind us to love others and lower our ego.

May I ask how do I overcome 1-4 and achieve 5?

Forgive me for my lack of adab.
May Allah bless all. Please pray for me to be in Allah’s Divine Presence.



Do the opposites to every point 1-4, i.e. learn to forgive, admit to
yourself your own flaws instead of others’, be tolerant of others, and
respect every person that comes your way. Then you will easily
accomplish 5.

Recite “Ya Lateef, Ya Wadud” 300x daily.

Abdul Shakur

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