I was driving saw trees, and thinking how they grow and develop, and it occurred to me that these beautiful trees Allah created …He sends light upon them and absorb the water that Allah sends as rahmat… rain. Through photosynthesis they grow and make chlorophyll and develop.

These are two interesting reagents, light and water, and strong spiritual reagents. Light from Allah through the Prophet (s) and water we drink and use for wudu and so on. Is there similar process like photosynthesis, there must be one and what is the process like?


wa `alaykum salam,

Congratulations that is a good tafsir. Yes this is not inspiration but beautiful thought that come to the mind. This is called in Arabic, khatirah. These are thoughts which are coming from the hearts of awliyaullah and from the Prophet (s) to your heart. Khatarat, are beautiful thoughts which come about from some experience in front of you.

Your interpretation is correct. The light comes and then there is a process where that light can energize depending on the disposition of the self at the moment. If the disposition is worldly, dunyawi, then that energize light will be used in dunyawi, worldly, direction. If the self is oriented to akhira, that light will be energizing that akhira direction.

The  reaction with the body is what is  important. There is a reaction and from one to another it will change.

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

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