Improve Memory, Sheikh



I would like to to ask a question. Currently I am at a private Islamic boarding college studying dars-e-nizami course along side two English subjects and I would like to ask or a wazifah or dua to help my memory become stronger because what ever I learn I forget very quickly also for concentration and focus because I am easily distracted from my work. Also I would like to take bayth, I am thinking with Sheikh Nazim may Allah bless him and grant him a high place in Jannat . But, I am not sure I am very confused on this subject and want to know a wazifah or dua to help in finding someone. jazakallah hudafees



I invite you to take the hand of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani as your Guide. Make the initiation here and fill out the Welcome Form when you’ve done.

For memory, read Surah Al-Mulk every night and do not sin.

Abdul Shakur

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