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I have got a couple issues and jazakhallah for all your help
1) I just read there are different levels and I am confused can you please clarify what these both are and also
2) also is one of these meditation
3) how long do I need to pray the daily awraad for and
4) can I move up if i feel I am ready (not yet) and
5) what practices do I do to help me spiritually because I was also reading on this site that i must first do the daily awrad and then increase to other supplications. I became a mureed a couple months ago and just wanted all this clarifying as other questions asked don’t have all these in one section

Jazakhallah and may Allah bless Moulana Sheikh Nazim and all the shaykhs and everyone helping with this site ameen


wa `alaykum salam,

1) Yes, there are different levels. Read the book “The Sufi Science of Self-Realization“.

2) Meditation is a big assist in ascending levels. In our way you will never know what level you are in.

3) Recite until it is done. You can break it up over throughout the day or do it all at once.

4) An indication will come from the Shaykh

5) Be consistent in daily awrad, listen to the Shuyukh on as frequently as you can, and attend the weekly Khatm if possible. Also give from your earnings, if possible, to support the Shaykh’s activities, for then the Shaykh is obliged to make du`a for you.

Taher Siddiqui

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