I want to break bayah



In another post you said that Shaykh Nazim doesn’t break bayah because the Prophet didn’t break bayah, but let me tell you: Shaykh Nazim is not the Prophet. For me, he is just a charlatan. I hate all that media brainwashing around the shaykh and I want to leave the tariqa. I BEG you to give me permission to leave because for me Haqqani is an insane group. DONT try to say your nonsense blahblah about the eternal bond/stamp between the shaykh and the mureed, because I don’t consider myself as mureed anymore, and I don’t consider Shaykh Nazim and the Kabbani’s as my shaykh at all. I am very very upset of still being considered as part of Naqshbandi Haqqani against my will, so please give me permission to go. Your tariqa is nothing more than a cult.


`Alaykum salam,

Use your will for dhikr and tawba rather than vituperation as that only harms you even  more.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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