Imaan and education


An elder told our family that I could become a wali,i read most namaz, daily dhikr,read Quran. I’m mother of 1 and pregnant. Can I learn Islam from books or please advise how to become wali . i dreamt of Shaykh Adil doing khatam and see good dreams.


Assalamualikum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatu:

If what is meant by wali is that one sees visions, dreams and performs miracles then that is not the way of awliyaaullah … many of whom Allah takes an oath from them not to perform miracles. Instead, Allah subhannuh wa ta’ala describes awliya as those who: “believe and have taqwā!” which means to have awareness of Allah’s presence at all times … that means to be a wali is to be in love with Allah subhannuh wa ta’ala … in order to achieve this we have to strengthen our relationship with Allah’s beloved … if we love Allah’s beloved … Allah will love us inshallah … the way to attach ourselves to Allah’s beloved Muhammad salla allahu alayhi wa sallam is to send a lot of salawat … more than you can count … and make a lot of dhikr … that is walaya … and as some awliyaa said: afdhal karāma al-istiqāma (the best miracle is steadfastness on worship).

And tawfiq is from Allah subhannuh wa ta’ala,

Ali Hussain

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