Permission to visit Mawlana for taking personal Bayyi’ah


Salam aleykum wa rahmatUllah wa barakatuh,

My most honorable spiritual brother Shaykh Hisham, I made Bayyi’ah to Mawlana some time ago through the internet. I feel now spiritually closer to Mawlana so I would like to visit him and give personal Bayyi’ah. Is there any permission for that?

May you pardon me, but I know of no other was than conveying these words to you:
I have good hopes in meeting you also someday , inshaAllah it will be soon.
Unfortunately I have not the feelings or adts of gratitude that befit this ni’mah of endless value, having on one hand the greatest Awliya on earth and ,on top of that a Sayyid, as my Sheikh and another Wali , a descendant of His Habib s.a.w, as my spritual brother.
May Allah increase your station according to His endless Generosity.

Wa kama yuhibuhu wa yardah.


wa `alaykum salam,

There is permission, but Shaykh Hisham advises anyone going to Cyprus, “don’t be upset if you don’t actually get to see Mawlana and spend personal time with him.”

Taher Siddiqui

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