Parental Disapproval, Respect


Asalaam Alaikum,
Ever since i have started to take my deen seriously and accepted Moulana as my guide in this life, i have been met with anger from my parents. My mother recently asked me to shave my beard off and i politely tried to explain to her why i could not. And now i have a turban which she opposes because she thinks it looks silly. I have tried again to explain but she feels that when she says to me ‘do not do this or that’ i view it from a islamic perspective and either agree or refuse politely but she feels since becoming more religious i do not listen to her. Please i need moulana’s dua and your advice.

JazakAllah Khair


wa `alaykum salam,
It is important to keep good relations with our parents. Continue being a good son. Give her time. You can also let her adjust gradually, e.g. you may keep your beard short and kempt first, and wear the turban only for prayer when at home (don’t wear it all the time), or carry your turban in a bag when you leave home and return if possible. From time to time you may do more.

Recite: Ya Quddus, Ya Salam, Ya Halim and Ya Allah 100 times each, Insha Allah, she will be more tolerant.

Abdul Shakur

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