Satanic attacks


I decided that insha allah I was going to get closer to the deen then I already was but then I started having heaviness on my head and uncontrollably looking at people awrah I don’t watch any films or pornography help please I don’t know what’s going on




When you seek to get closer to Allah and His Prophet (saws) shaytan will try to block you and shame you, but Allah wants to teach and show you His Mercy and Bounty.

The actions and practices of zikr, salawat, prayer and charity will bring light to block shaytan and teach you knowledge of Allah within your soul.  So keep to the path and keep company with those when you see them, they remind you of Allah.  It will be a struggle but all valuable things come with love, effort and determination.

Wa Allahu Alam, 

Kamau Ayubbi

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