Wahabi, Salafi Beliefs


I just wanted to ask you a question?
What is the difference between Naqashbandi, Syed, Gilani and all these silsilas? they all claim their chain goes back to the prophet. They are all misguiding people and creating divisions in Islam. Shaykh Hishams taweez and dua aytul kursi says Ya Hin Ya ali. This is all shirk. Ya means the person who can hear you and only Allah can do that. These silsilas are creating problems in Islam and are against shariah. Shaykh Hisham says in video for the dua of aytul kursi that he say Allah this and that. That is bidah. No one can see Allah until day of judgement only Moses Saw Allah.
How do you know these Wali’s are real or fake?


There are no distinctions, no problems. They all guide us back to Allah, their destination is Him alone. It is for those who have belief, knowledge, manners, love and taste. We advise you to instill your self with those, and perhaps the blessings shall come.

Abdul Shakur

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