Syedna Khizar and Luqman


Assalam u alayekum Syyedi Sheikh Hisham!
1-Were Syedna Khizar and Luqman Nabi or Wali?
2-I have come across some people in sub-continent Pronouncing Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani as ‘Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani’ and Khawaja Imkanaki as “Khawaja imkanangi” i.e (on the sound of “g” in girl. gaaf which is a persian alphabet).which one is correct pronunciation “gaaf‘ or “kaaf“?
3-Some fanatic brelvis show a strange attitude towards Hazrat Mirza Mazhar the teacher of Shah Abdullah al dehlawi. I noticed this attitude from even Imam Ahmad Raza’s writings. I couldn’t find respect and love in his writings for hazrat Mirza Mazhar. Neither did I find the mention of suffix (RehmatUllah Alaye hi) in his writings. Please explain syyedi why it so?


`Alaykum as-Salam,
Sayyidina Khidr (upon him peace) is a Prophet by general agreement according to al-Razi, Ibn al-Salah, al-Nawawi, al-Qurtubi, Abu Hayyan, al-Tha`labi, al-Alusi, al-`Iraqi, Ibn Hajar, al-Suyuti and others.
Sayyidina Luqman was a wise man (hakeem) and is not counted among the 26 Prophets named by name in the Book of Allah Most High.
The correct pronunciation of the names you mentioned varies according to territory. For example, Arabs say Asbahani and Naysaburi while Persians say Ispahani and Nishapuri. I once asked Dr. Nur al-Din `Itr in Damascus about Marwazi, or is it Marwadhi, or Marrudhi? He said it is unimportant and there is no mistake made in choosing any of them according to discretion.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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