Tayy al lisan


Assalamu Alaikum to Hazrat Shaykh Nazim,Shaykh Hisham and to all staff… While reading posts of eshaykh i came across term tayy al lisan could you tell me what is it...Jazak Allah


wa `alaykum salam,

For many of us, breathing is something the body does automatically. When you are talking, you might be unaware that you are breathing in and out, but dive into the sea and you will remember your breathing. A Purifying Shaykh (shaykhu ’t-tazkiyya) makes you aware that, at every moment, you are submerged in an ocean, that the energy you take in or put out belongs to God’s Power.

There is a dhikr for when you exhale and when you inhale, and Divine Names to recite depending upon the time and conditions of the day. Each inhalation and each exhalation belongs to a Name of God. There are ten angels accompanying each inhalation, and ten angels accompanying each exhalation. Each angel is created from a different light belonging to God. Grandshaykh `Abd Allah (q) said that nine parts of each light is from Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and one is from the Ocean of Power. These lights are not the Light of God. We are servants to God and cannot share His Light. The Saints of God say that human beings take 24,000 breaths in 24 hours. Only a Purifying Shaykh can put on your tongue the remembrance of God with every breath. In reality, every breath is remembrance, but you are heedless of it.

Once you reach the awareness of the 24,000 breaths, awareness is increased to the level of 700,000 per day. At this stage, time is extended in order to allow you to call upon your Lord 700,000 times. Time is unrolled without making it longer, just as God can make the entire world pass through the eye of a needle without making the world smaller or the needle larger.  This is a power of the tongue (ta’i al-lisan), and it is from the Reality of Scrolling. It is the ability to recite more by using the energy of the spirit.

How is this possible? God created a vein under the tongue that reaches directly to the heart. By following the guide, the disciple progresses and darkness is removed from the tongue and heart. At that time you become luminous (nurani), since you are no longer relying upon the body, or the tongue, but upon that heavenly light. Whatever is related to the Divine can do anything. The mind relates to the earth. When people become luminous, the following holy Prophetic Tradition applies to them, in which God says:

Neither the heavens nor earth contain Me, but the heart of my believing servant contains Me.

That heart can do miracles, reaching seven million repetitions in dhikr, even 70 million. So much is granted to any human being who follows the Saints of God.

Excerpted from The Sufi Science of Self Realization.

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

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