The Spiritual Power of Sayyidina `Ali (a.s.)


Assalamu wa aleykum,
For Shaykh Hisham or Shaykh Gibril Haddad:
Please wish me answer that question, according to the text in Kabbani, Mercy Oceans Shore of Safety, pp.86-87
I read the book, I published the source on my blog and all that translate to my language, just that people ask for explanations, as this is possible and that only Allah can have this power. I ask that Allah can provide capabilities beyond belief to His servants, but even so it does not satisfy them and call again asking for more explanations. This fact could explain me of Ali have gone into space and who were these enemy aliens? This happened on the plane or where we live has to do with the plan to do with the geniuses. Would like an explanation in detail about it,
Allah Hafiz


wa `alaykum salam,

Allah (swt) does not wait for permission from anyone to give power to anyone He likes. Did you see the 3000 mala’ika murdifin and the 5000 musawwimin mentioned in Holy Qur’an or what Prophet (s) saw at Qaba qawsayn, and his vision of the Khulafa Rashidin in Paradise and Sayyidina Bilal, beyond this universe? So it is easier for this universe where it is physical. We have to believe in existence of jinn yet we do not see them. We also believe the Door to the City of Knowledge – Sayyidina Ali, Allah be well pleased with him – has at least that power or more, not just power in this dunya as he showed in Badr or Khaybar, for example.

Awliya do not take their knowledge from you or your books. Their hearts are connected and you have no choice but submission, or it is up to you. They are not answerable to you. And Allah knows best.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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