Unable to regain love for my sheikh


Beginning in the name of Most Merciful and Beneficent.
Praise and salam to Prophet Muhammad pbuh, the final legacy and blessings and salam on ehlul bait

I have a question:
You talked about complete submission to sheikh…
I was a very ordinary person but believer of faithfulness and purity in love. I submitted myself completely to my sheikh 11 yrs ago obviously by Allah’s fazal. He arranged my marriage with his disciple who was opposite to me in every respect. I accepted to please my sheikh. I got share from wilayet too due to Allah’s fazal. But when I passed life with his disciple as my husband, I was traumatized mentally and cardinally because of gross differences between us. He could neither recognize my worth and sacrifice nor could give me due love and respect. Instead I was neglected and humiliated. This thing had taken me away from my sheikh and every Odyssey related to zikr started vanishing along with it. When I agreed to this marriage, I thought nothing except a verse of naat: Sold yourself priceless in the souq (market) of Nabi SAW. One never faces loss in such type of business.

Now despite my effort I’m unable to bring my love back for my sheikh. Tell me where was I wrong? I concluded that I got punishment for my previous sins in the form of my husband and it was fate who forced me to accept that purposal through my sheikh. Waiting for reply


Wa `alaykum salam,

Insha-Allah Mawlana Shaykh Hisham is praying for you.
What could be more true than the verse you cited, SubhanAllah, so carry on.

Don’t look to human beings for acceptance, validation or respect. While these are the duties of the husband to the wife and the wife to the husband, equally, if not done it means carry on and look for validation, acceptance and love from Allah (swt) and His Prophet (s) and His Awliya.

Look at the example of the Beloved of Allah, Rabi`a al-`Adawiyya, whose submission to her drunken husband’s torment and humiliation lifted her to the station of Perfect Tawheed.

A perfect and perfecting Shaykh (murshidun kamilun mukammilun) may humiliate a mureed to take her or him to his destinied station, or he may use another mureed to do the same, to avoid the blame, but the mureed must keep perfect thoughts towards the Shaykh.
And Allah knows best.

Taher Siddiqui

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